During school, Haroon started off as a very poor student to the point that is teachers had to sit him down to tell him that he should be transferred into a Special Education Needs class. That’s not the type of special he wanted to be. Needless to say, this crushed his self-esteem and general confidence. He felt like a loser who was failing at learning. This impacted the way he carried himself and saw himself. He created an exterior persona as a way to fit in by pretending to be something that he was not.

When he finally graduated, he started a 9 to 5 job as a debt collector, hoping that his office life would be different than it was in school. He quickly realized that it was an environment he hated even more.The nature of that business ran in direct contrast to the person he was. While his manager (who he literally hated) would pressure him to collect debts at all costs, he had to talk to people who were telling him the saddest stories he had ever heard. Many were unable to pay their debt and were Contemplating suicide. Others were begging him for a reprieve and for more time.

“I was overworked, undervalued and underpaid.”

He was literally slaving for crazy hours to line the pockets of a manager he could not stand while he watched videos and chatted on the phone waiting for the bonus money that he earned him. He realized then and there that if he was going to work hard in his life, it would be to make himself rich not someone else. He was determined to become successful in business and decided that he would not give himself any other option.

He decided to start an e-commerce business selling Vitamin C under his own brand, Premium V Power.

He poured all of his energy, brain power and time into creating the product and business. Rather than investing in training, he decided to go at it on his own, hoping to make up for a proven system with hard work and focus. He launched his business. It was a massive failure. He hit rock bottom, telling himself that he couldn’t do school and now couldn’t do business either. He had no confidence, no self-esteem. He was newly married, living at his parents’ house with over £10,000 in debt and a baby on the way. His wife’s income was all they had to keep them afloat.

“Looking back at this now, it was the most important thing that ever happened to me.”

In that dark period of his life, he realized that if he wanted to succeed in life he would have to find a mentor and model what they did. He scraped together some money and invested in an e-commerce course, determined to learn a proven system for success. He wanted to mimic the results of those who had succeeded. The results were beyond his wildest expectations.

The joy he felt in helping others succeed led to him finding his mission in life – becoming the top online business launch expert in the world. He wanted to learn from the best and apply everything he could.

Over the next two years, he invested over £100,000 in courses, mastermind events, mentoring and networking with some of the worlds most renowned experts and authorities.

 Within 12 months of completing the course, he had sold over 126,000 units and generated over £1,757,000 in sales.

 It changed everything in his life. His confidence skyrocketed and his mentality totally flipped. He was a successful business owner and he loved what he was doing. People quickly took notice and wanted him to mentor them in their own e-commerce business! Haroon made himself available as a mentor to those who were willing to invest in their own learning and business. The advice and value that he shared allowed him to earn an additional £1,700,000 in revenue.

 More importantly, he helped many others get results they could only dream of, with many earning more than £25,000 a month in business revenue. Within 12 months of completing the course, he had sold over 126,000 units and generated over £1,757,000 in sales.

 He leveraged this learning into more successful businesses and revenue streams. Along the way, he earned awards, accolades and press coverage. He went from a failing student to a globally recognized business authority with a network of millionaires and world beaters. he became the man he is today.

 “I can’t image what my life would have been if I had not decided to pursue my dream and business education.”