Introducing The Hyper Launch Program


The Hyper Launch Program is an accelerator program with the objective to get your business launched and generate income within 30 days through premium training and 1 to 1 mentoring.

There are 3 core elements of this package:


  1.  Done for you business set up and launch
  2.  Premium Education
  3.  1 to 1 Coaching & Mentoring
The ECOM Experts

Done For You Business

Firstly, the project manager and mentor will have a call with you to welcome you and be your point during the business building process. He will then work with you to review potential products to launch. This process requires deep analysis in understanding important factors such as winning products, demand, competition, financial margins, marketing angles and more. The mentor will work with you to analyse 100 products and then work with you to shortlist the top 10 which will be launched.
Our team of brand experts will then work with you to build you a premium brand that you will love. The branding including your premium logo, branding colour and font theme will be used through your store giving a highly professional look and feel. Our vision for you is to build you a brand that at some point down the line can even be sold for a 7 figure level. So during our branding process the branding and design team does a full analysis to ensure your brand is ahead of any competitors and is something you will be proud of.
Our IT team will then proceed to build you your high converting premium website.This is not a normal website that just looks nice. Our website is focused on turning visitors into buyers by embedding sales psychology into the buying process. This includes building trust, authority, social proof, urgency, scarcity and other factors. Most of your competitors will not have these elements on your store giving you a massive advantage. The site building team will also ensure all foundational work including, supplier set up, shipping set up, legal pages and merchant accounts are all in place.
Our listing development team then will focus on creating fully researched high converting sales pages for each of your products. This includes our graphics and copywriting team creating high quality products images and compelling sales copy for each of the selected products.
Finally once the business has been set up we pass on the site to our marketing team who will launch the products and start generating sales. Our marketing team has generated over £10 million in sales online since 2013 so are highly qualified in launching your store. They will test the 10 products so that you can then focus on scaling and profiting from the winning products.

Premium Education


Module 1: Elite Store Building

You will learn step by step how to build a high end premium e commerce store and brand. Our agency clients pay us £3,000 to build their site and brand. You will learn how we do this for our clients and for our own stores.

Module 2: Winning Product Research

You will learn our unique method of finding winning products that have zero competition. Most people teach to launch the same products that are old winning products. But you will be fighting for crumbs and have a lot of competition. Our strategy focuses on finding viral winning products before anyone else so you make the most money.

Module 3: Product Marketing

You will learn step by step how to test products and scale profitable. Our unique method is focused on testing with minimal budged and scaling fast to hit big sales numbers.

Module 4: Management & Automation

We teach you how to manage and automate your business on a day to day level so you can focus on making more money rather than spending unnecessary time dealing with the boring day to day tasks. This makes running this business a dream!

1 to 1 Coaching & Mentoring

Many people struggle with business because they do it alone without expert help and guidance. Having an experienced mentor and coach fast-tracks your success as they are able to guide you on the correct strategies and are able to support you in the areas you need most help with. In the Hyper Launch Program we provide you with an experienced e commerce expert that will work with you one-to-one through the whole journey of launching your business.

The ECOM Experts



Week 1

Elite Store & Brand Building

During week 1 we will build an elite website and premium brand that will be used to showcase your products.

Week 2

Winning Product Research

During week 2 we will further analyse your product research and start shortlisting the top 10 products to launch.


Week 3

Product Listing Set Up

During week 3 we will finalise the 10 products and set up the product listings.


Week 4

Product Launch

During week 4 we will launch the products by testing the 10 products and scaling any winning products.