ENTREPRENEURS TAKE ACTION!!! We hear that all the time. But guess what? Lots of people take action and the result is that 9 out of 10 new businesses fail. There is more than just action required to make you an entrepreneur.

This week’s featured entrepreneur is Haroon Qureshi. When I asked Haroon what the biggest entrepreneur lesson that has stuck with him since his entrepreneur training, it wasn’t just taking action. Haroon said the biggest entrepreneur lesson for him was actually three things. To be a successful entrepreneur you need:

  1. A clear vision
  2. To take action to achieve the vision
  3. To have a mindset that you will overcome any obstacle that comes in your way and will achieve your vision no matter what the circumstance.

This mindset is what I am focusing on. If you are not looking for opportunity, or taking action then you are not a contender… you’re not even in the game. But obviously there is plenty who have taken action who still do not deserve to be called entrepreneurs.

You have to be very careful with your mindset. It is the strongest weapon an entrepreneur has. Anyone can be an entrepreneur, but if you don’t have the strength to fight adversity, then go home and let your future be controlled by your boss… you’ll never make it as an entrepreneur.

Haroon says that when he is faced with a daunting challenge, the way he gets through is with the belief that he will find a way around it. He says, “I look at the worst-case scenario and realize that even if that happens then I will rebuild from there.” How did Haroon get such a powerful mindset? He got education. He gained knowledge. And through all of that, he was taking action.

Haroon’s truest asset is his education… his mind. Haroon was trained at The Amazing Academy. Haroon just started his first product 6 months ago and is already getting over 150 sales A DAY! While that is great, what’s of greater imporance is that what Haroon learned from Matt Clark’s Academy will be with him forever. Haroon now knows how to make money! There is no more fear of failure. He can build his business over time and time again because he’s learned how to build an asset.

Once you know how to build an asset, you are free. You’re free from bosses and 9 to 5 jobs. You’re free from fear of being broke, free from financial stress and free to do what you want. That’s why knowledge is power and the right education makes your mind your greatest asset.

By Haroon Qureshi – CEO and Founder of the E Com Experts and featured on Robert Kiyosaki’s blog.